Glucosamine For Arthritis - A Simple Amino Sugar

Glucosamine For Arthritis - A Simple Amino Sugar

Glucosamine is an amino sugar generally found in the human body that is synthesized internally and being a small molecule it is easily absorbed by the blood stream. Natural and synthetic: in nature it is found in the human body but can be synthetically prepared in laboratories. Containing both sugar and protein, the amount found in the joint cartilages as we age is reduced, creating pain in the joints. The Glucosamine supplement stimulates the proteoglycans present in the joints which are used to repair cartilage.

Chitin or bovine cartilage, the hardened outer shell part of shrimp, crab and lobsters provide us with animal based supplements. The Aspergillus Niger plant is the source of the common plant based supplement glucosamine hydrochloride. In the human body, it has an important role to play by repairing cartilage and reducing arthritis pain. It can treat many Arthritis, but especially Osteoarthritis. It removes blemishes tracks, dark spots and uneven discoloring when used in skin and face packs. The elimination of unwanted pigments, scars and wrinkles in the skin is helped as well as the soothing of chapped lips and reduction of puffiness and sagging of the eyes. It plays an important role in the formation of skin, bones, tendons ligaments, nails and parts of heart, synovial fluids etc as it is the major component of bones, cartilages, tendons and connecting tissues.

In order to healing their incision faster, patients undergoing surgery are given glucosamine supplement as it causes hyaluronic acid to be produced which heals injuries. The urinary, digestive and respiratory tracks are lined with the mucous it forms. With Osteoarthritis, the cartilages of the human body degenerate and cause swelling and pain in the joints which is why Glucosamine is freely used in the treatment of Arthritis. Taking glucosamine supplement, in conjunction with chondroitin, reduces the pain in those sufferers who are severely attacked by Osteoarthritis. A combined dose makes patients feel good, with less aching in the body and less stiffness in their joints as they start to function again.

Glucosamine Supplements Stimulates The Production Of Cartilage

The production of cartilage is stimulated by glucosamine supplements, further degeneration is prevented and treatment of Arthritis in the jaw which is called the “Temporomandibular joint” (TMJ) is effective. Acetyl glucosamine, acts as an inhibitor of human glioma cell division and is used in the treatment of glioblastoma. In some cases of stomach disorder such as Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis this same type of Glucosamine is effective. A vital role is played by this wonder chemical as the main component of many products.