Bodybuilding Nutrition Meal Plans

Bodybuilding Nutrition Meal Plans

Here is a good article for what to eat when you want to gain muscle:

When it comes to body building, hitting the weights is only one aspect

of putting on muscle. The other, more difficult dimension is your diet and

nutrition regime. To see the best results from the strain your weight lifting

inflicts on your muscles, you have to have the right nutritional mix to maximize

your muscle growth.

  • Having a lot of protein in your system is important. When you break down your muscles through working out, protein is what your body will use to build more muscle tissue in your broken down muscle. But, if you don''t workout shortly after putting that pile of protein into your system, your body will store it as fat. Consequently, you want to spread your protein intake across the course of your entire day.
  • Breakfast

    When you eat your first meal of the day, your body has been effectively fasting for the past several hours. It''s important to get something in your stomach after you wake up so your body won''t continue to consume itself for energy. Fiber and carbohydrates are good to put in your body first thing. Examples of these include oatmeal, porridge, yogurt, or whole wheat toast.

    Next Meals

    After breakfast, eating about two and a half to three hours apart will help your body make the most of what you''re putting into it. In planning these meals remember that while protein is important, you can''t neglect the rest of your nutritional needs. You will need carbohydrates to keep you going through those workouts, along with the vitamins, minerals, and folic acid you get from fruits and vegetables. Malnourishment will do your workout schedule no favors.

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